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Kindergarten Open House

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October 19th Update...

We have a few updates for you at this time …

Rainy Days - We will be expecting rain and cold temperatures during the fall. Please dress your children appropriately for the weather! We will attempt to allow students outside during as many breaks as possible. 

In the mornings before school, even if it is raining, students will REMAIN OUTDOORS until brought in by their teachers after the 8:55am bell.

If the rain is significantly heavy during fitness break times, students will remain in their classrooms and will be involved in suitable quiet activities.

School Council- A huge thank you to all those that made it out to our first School Council meeting on September 28th. We are so thankful for the wonderful group of parents that we are able to work with. Please remember that Council meetings are open to all parents every month. You don't need to be a voting member to join us. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 27th. We meet through Microsoft TEAMs. If you would like to join us, please email our principal at Robb.McLean@dsbn.org .

Halloween Activities- Due to the ongoing restrictions with COVID, there will be some changes to how we normally would have held Halloween activities. On Friday, October 30th, students will be encouraged to wear orange and black instead of a costume. There will be no food allowed, no parade, and visitors will not be allowed inside. These rules come from Public Health and have been put in place to continue to keep our students safe.


As always, our entire school team is here to support the learning of our students. Please contact me if you have any questions at Robb.McLean@dsbn.org .


Click HERE for the link to our School Council (Parnall Advsiory Council - PAC)