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Programs / Activities

Here is a list of some of the activities happening at Parnall Public School!

Time of Year
Students Eligible
Staff In Charge
Student Secretaries all year grades 7-8 Mrs. King
Milk Helpers all year grades 5-6 Mrs. King
Cross-Country Club/Team September-October grades 3-8 Mrs. Coveney, Mrs. Chuchman, Mrs. Nichols
Junior Soccer Team September-October grades 4-6 Mr. Keyes, Mrs. Nichols
Intermediate Soccer Team September-October grades 7-8 Mr. Palmer
Fiber Arts Club all year grades 3-8 Mr. Pickett
Glee Club (Choir) September-December grades 4-8 Mrs. Coveney, Mrs. Cornelius
Intermediate Volleyball Teams October-November grades 7-8 Ms. Watson, Mr. Sotola
Junior Volleyball Teams October-December grades 4-6 Miss Erwood, Mr. Smelle
Intermediate Basketball Teams December-February grades 7-8 Miss Erwood, Mr. Keyes
Robotics Team January-February grades 6-8 Mr. Palmer
Forest of Reading Club January-May grades 4-8 Mrs. Tallman
Junior Basketball Teams February-April grades 4-6 Mr. McLean, Mr. Smelle, Mr. Keyes
Intermediate Badminton Club/Team March-May grades 7-8 Mr. Waldie, Mr. Sotola
Intermediate Flag Rugby April-May grades 7-8 Ms. Watson, Miss Erwood
Track & Field May grades 3-8 Miss Erwood, Ms. Watson, Mr. Keyes, Mr. Sotola
Intermediate 3-Pitch Team May-June grades 7-8 Mr. Waldie, Mr. Sotola
Junior 3-Pitch Team May-June grades 4-6 Mrs. Beresh, Mr. Smelle
Talent Show June grades 1-8 Ms. Watson, Mrs. Beresh, Mr. Smelle